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PHT Locations Worldwide

With a presence in five countries, PHT is well-equipped to deliver outstanding service to locations worldwide.

  • USA
  • India
  • China
  • Mexico
  • Japan
PHT International is a full-service organization providing services in procurement, custom manufacturing, research and development, quality assurance and logistics.

About PHT

Since 1993, PHT International, Inc., has been a versatile supplier and manufacturer of fine and specialty chemicals including high purity intermediates for the agrochemical, pharmaceutical, polymer/industrial and food/beverage industries. PHT International utilizes its own plant and other high quality production partners in China to establish and maintain a stable global market for our products.

PHT Services

Let PHT International do the work for you by providing a bridge between supplier and customer payment terms in a foreign market, and being responsible for product quality, local laws and safety of supply. PHT International has coupled its experience in a foreign market with quality services to become a well-respected supplier to many of the world’s largest chemical companies.

PHT Beakers

News: Sancus Arc BioChem

Sancus Arc BioChem is a joint venture manufacturer of PHT International, Inc. Founded in summer 2015, this partnership enables PHT International, Inc., to create cost-effective, customized chemical manufacturing solutions...

PHT Arc BioChem